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I return with fresh goodies from my return to the hatchling patch…
Do you remember how just before the pandemic I had launched series 2 of the Lil’Elder Gods?
Well it was a huge hit at my last FanExpo which was in Calgary. But when I got back the hatchery was akimbo and they had all escaped back into the wild. It was all part of a campaign to raise funds for the video game we are developing so I thought how else can I give you guys something fun for my Patreon folks and still fun for everyone else. Well one of the cornerstone inspirations of my childhood was from the brainchild of cartoonist Art Spiegelman, an artist I didn’t know by name as a kid but many of you would know the art from the GarbagePailKids, and since then one of my street artist favorites by the name of Buff Monster had done a tribute to the GPK with the MisterMelty Sticker Series.
So in keeping with this idea I’m going to share as I find hatchlings for y’all to name and vote on. If you hate them I’ll send them to the please no murder patch and we can watch them die but if you love them maybe I’ll find a way to fashion some new figurines. I also have been working on a video game with the other Made folks for Our version of a game of the same theme.
Anyway I run on too long as always. enjoy!

I’m using my name and threading it into strings as I’ve attempted to find the right string of words and prompt pairings to art direct an “attilaadorjany type detail or material or style” or “in the style of AttilaAdorjany” a 3D render or illustration, but these represent clean versions of my total art direction from thumbnails to previews of our game worlds. These are unaltered by me outside of Midjourney and are *not* what I would call finished more a look into my skechbook. I’m representing ideas and characters from our original worlds and doing so with as much authenticity as possible.

I’ve established a sort of code-of-conduct for myself when utilizing AI: I won’t use any artist’s name, as a reference point for style, nor any famous IP or person’s name when inputting my set of instructions; I want to avoid the obvious pitfalls of these tools, and am doing my best to not create a scenario where I’d be accused of any sort of plagiarism. My intention is to use this as a tool of expediency, to render polished mock-ups or layer elements for use in UnrealEngine and or as part of an animation or narrative sequence combining other traditional materials as I work in the ways I’ve always done.

Trying to find the right language to remain ethical as I represent and market our company’s IPs, brand, and my own work is important to me and something I feel is worth mentioning. For years I’ve shared access to my original characters protected under the Creative Commons. So it might be a challenge but I’m hoping if I share the process through my channels I can help others find the right communication tools to continue to work ethically. To share knowledge and promote this idea as I have done in the past. A worthwhile challenge I think. I hope you think so too.

My commonly used “traditional” tools are:


My commonly used digital tools are:


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