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The world of PockYCypse  came to be with The HorseMen series and the PockYClypse Kids as two limited sculpture toy series of a theme–The Core Idea being what if the only things that survive the fall of civilization is the pop culture stuff of Fandom? A What if; the tribes, religions, even customs of those peoples are all an evolution of the remnants of half remembered things in an evolving oral history where Cosplay is the defining crown jewel of self identity in a totemic appropriation culture pop-culture surrealism a spectacular bizarre twist on lord of the flies vs the grapes of wrath in a never-ending rival schools type story. 

So I think it was around 2016-2017 I made my first 1:6 scale action figure in this series, fashioned after the toys I made from “bountyhuntering GI Joe Figures wich was disassembling the figures and making new ones out of the coolest parts and repainting them into my own characters. The world I imagined was of in part a punch of things that was in control of my brain  over fuelled by sugar shoved in a blender still to this day I cant help but be influenced by them and they are – MadMax2 Starwars (ANH) Dune(the one David Lynch didn’t want to put his name on)  SaturdayMorningCartoons and the Game Arcade new comicbook day. I sort of forgot about making those figures until later when I got to making some 1:6 figures when I was working in VFX and moonlighting sculpting for companies making garage kits. I eventually moved on to other things but there was also this book Riddley Walker By Russell Hoban that was suggested to me by a professor at OCAD and I hadn’t know of its existence so I had credited the ideas of “a type of evolved speech” to the MadMax Series but I drew a lot of inspiration from this type of idea.not knowing wherei t came from but one of my all time favourite films in called the Salute of the Juggers  that fictionalizes a football type game played with dog skulls. And as a kid I made maps and stories in two or three worlds and one was although I never played the game only read parts of a module I purchased of a game called GammaWorld I had imagined a lot of stuff in that place, but didn’t know it wasn’t anything like the game. So I wanted a way to bring it all back together and play with the ideas again and I came back to those ideas and figures when I was messing around making designs and hanging with the TOYRONTO crew and  the world of PockYCypse  came to be.
Way that o  where made ofeventually leveraged my love of toy design and character figure series started back in 2006 over time we have developed several limited run figures. Now I’m looking into ways of potentially playing with that idea meeting around with some experiments in UnrealEngine5 making some prototype figures and seeing If I can pull a narrative together in webcomic format or a short film format with the tools I have at my disposal for now. So for now consider it all fluid and nothing is cannon in case I have to change elements. I hope you enjoy! 

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This is a TILTyMade™ Original we made this for you with your help! 




 Canadian-Made, TILTyMade Original, salvage punk, cosplay, post apocalyptic WIP 


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