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the plum dandy


The Dirty Dozen is a concept we have been working on for some time now based on a figure series started back in 2006 over time we have developed sever limited run figures but of recent we have been evolving our ideas and we have been developing a game world in UnrealEngine5 Our hope is to deploy comic animation and game projects of as we fill out and develop the sand box world in greater and greater detail. First look clip below and some pics but stay tuned to our instagram and you tune to say most up to date on offers and treats in addition to updates. on our progress.

Below we will gather up some crumbs that we will evolve into a roadmap timeline for folks to look back on our progress and celebrate milestones as we hit them. If you scroll on down you’ll see our socials and you can hit us up there and let us know what you think!


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Help us stay fierce and free as we seek to stay as independent and in control of our productions as we are able to where possible to offer free access alternatives to all our productions from entertainment to education because we believe in the idea of free! A large part of how we achieve our authenticity and make it possible to have free options is offering up value offers to other folks like the services we do and we also seek the support of crowd funding publicly funded grants and through ongoing support from corporate and retail partnerships and project specific campaigns. By signing up to our mailing list, Discord, Patreon and social channels you make your voice heard and have the opportunity to back us, if you are able to and if you believe what we are bringing to the table is of value, even if backing us is just helping us get the word out -  Be a part of the feedback and ongoing discussions. 


This is a TILTyMade™ Original we made this for you with your help! 




 Canadian-Made, TILTyMade Original, Gross Humour, Juvinile, WIP 


None as of yet. But specific links to existing products development areas like our Discord , Patreon , youtube channels dedicated tot his project will be added here.. 

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