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OLLO is a character  who emerged out of other stories. First as part of BREATHE a comic short we did through Image.  Later toward the end of the Metaphysical Neuroma run of the series as a webcomic the narrative delved in the wold of Hunter’s World and InterZone on a Planet called Navada
where much of the next chapter of the story and back story would unfold. Our desire is to see this as a full realized game experience. We hope to share the creation process in such a way that would allow us to make the game and entertain and entice you with small story and process offerings that would help reinforce our efforts toward sustainability through audience funding and remain a TILTy Studios independent production.  

Currently, we’re developing the project further in Unreal Engine 5. Growing the sandbox for the concept and giving it greater detail will allow us to expand the vision of the world of the gamma walker known as Hunters World and the haunting mysteries and monumental challenges we envision in this emersive experience as we develop this game both as an, animation, and game projects. 

Below are some pics and a first-look test clip. We’ll regularly be sharing process and progress on our socials, and as they evolve into a roadmap timeline we’ll be celebrating our milestones as we hit them. Stay up to date on our progress, offers, and treats by following our Instagram. Scroll to the bottom to find our socials — hit us up there, and let us know what you think!


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This is a TILTyMade™ Original we made this for you with your help! 


Dark Action Surreal 


 Canadian-Made, TILTyMade Original, Cerebral psychedelic spiritual action suspense, WIP 


None as of yet. But specific links to existing products development areas like our Discord , Patreon , Youtube channels dedicated tot his project will be added here.. 



This is a Story among a series intended to be experienced individually or as a whole. Ollo the central character was first created as part of a Story BREATHE first published through Image comics. The Tales of the Xulu Khan is a continuation of the story from Metaphysical neuroma a long form Webcomic series that was created in Flash and was part of an experimental web narrative.. 

From the artist “I appreciate discussions on AI-aided art and acknowledge the potential for misuse, my intentions in exploring my own ideas are genuine. I openly share my exploration and new processes. From the beginning, I’ve made it clear that we strive for positive outcomes despite the dystopian reality shaped by human nature. As a third-generation artist, it’s crucial for my peers to understand my work and benefit from the systems in their creative journeys. As a neurodivergent artist, I initially conformed to fit in but later embraced my authentic self. I’ve experienced the challenges of independent creation and distribution without agency or significant resources. Understanding the systems and tools is essential for visibility and recognition. Obscurity is the true crime. Art and idea theft exist, including AI’s involvement. However, let’s focus on controlling and harnessing AI for our creative purposes. A replica created with an artist’s approval can aid the creative process, validate intent, and expose imitators. Individuality is critical amidst the common occurrence of imitation. Unique styles, visions, and compositions guide our work, whether individually or collectively. Clear communication is vital for unity and achieving singular goals, avoiding derivative mediocrity. Consider these lessons as a student, as I’m no master. My pursuit is to conquer the unknown. If you find value in my experimentation. In our pursuit of conquering the unknown, let’s remember the value of collaboration and the support of our creative community. Together, we can achieve remarkable artistic endeavours. Thank you.” Attila on Ai

We are  using Attila’s name and the studio name as we create any art assets or elements when using ai tools. Threading it into strings as I’ve attempted in the process of synthography similar to photopraphy how the tool is used defines it’s intent and it relys on the guiding eye of creative direction. To engineer the right string of word weights and prompt pairings to clearly indicate the studio brand and unified art direction. So an “attilaadorjany type detail or material or style” or “in the style of AttilaAdorjany” a 3D render or illustration, A TILTyMade Original is often something that has more than one hand involved including the unseen writer and if we all did our job right you can recognize it on sight no matter who made it even if it was another artist who happens to be a fan!
The work we show on our site are clean representations of our work and nothing was ever made with the intent to pull from another IP or artist style but if we have permission or we are collaborating we will tell you and we make the destinction. We represent more than one artist and more than one style but we do so with authenticity and we represent real artists who are in control of our craft. Many Ai creations will bedisplayed unaltered so you can see how it was used in our process. We do what we can to show the work and prove the process is clean and representing ideas and characters from our original worlds and doing so with as much authenticity as possible.


We have established a sort of code-of-conduct for ourselves when utilizing AI: based on Attilas current thoughts on AI:
“I won’t use any artist’s name, as a reference point for style, nor any famous IP or person’s name when inputting my set of instructions unless I have to for the piece; I want to avoid the obvious pitfalls of these tools, and am doing my best to not create a scenario where I’d be accused of any sort of plagiarism. My intention is to use this as a tool of expediency, to render polished mock-ups or layer elements for use in UnrealEngine and or as part of an animation or narrative sequence combining other traditional materials as I work in the ways I’ve always done.” – Attila 


Trying to find the right language to remain ethical as we represent and market our company’s IPs, brand, and promote our artist is important to us and something we feel is worth mentioning. For years Attila has shared access to his original characters protected under the Creative Commons. So it might be a challenge but we are hoping if we share the process through our channels we can help others find the right communication tools to continue to work ethically and spark a dialogue that educates those that are ill informed. To share knowledge and promote this idea as I have done in the past. A worthwhile challenge we think. we hope you think so too.